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Intercommission Study Groups

[WGS/wg01.html IC-SG1]

Theory, implementation and quality assessment of geodetic reference frames
Chair: A. Dermanis (Greece)
Affiliation: Comm. 1, IERS

[WGS/wg02.html IC-SG2]

Quality of geodetic multi-sensor systems and networks
Chair: H. Kutterer (Germany)
Affiliation: Comm. 4, 1

[WGS/wg03.html IC-SG3]

Configuration analysis of Earth oriented space techniques
Chair: F. Seitz (Germany)
Affiliation: Comm. 3, 2, 1

[WGS/wg04.html IC-SG4]

Inverse theory and global optimization
Chair: C. Kotsakis (Greece)
Affiliation: Comm. 2

[WGS/wg05.html IC-SG5]

Satellite gravity theory
Chair: T. Mayer-Gürr (Germany)
Affiliation: Comm. 2

[WGS/wg06.html IC-SG6]

InSAR for tectonophysics
Chair: M. Furuya (Japan)
Affiliation: Comm. 3, 4

[WGS/wg07.html IC-SG7]

Temporal variations of deformation and gravity
Chair: D. Wolf (Germany)
Affiliation: Comm. 3, 2