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Joint Study Groups

JSG 0.1: Application of time series analysis in geodesy
Chair: W. Kosek (Poland)
Affiliation: GGOS and all Commissions

JSG 0.2: Gravity field modelling in support of height system realization
Chair: P. Novák (Czech Republic)
Affiliation: Commissions 1, 2 and GGOS

JSG 0.3: Comparison of current methodologies in regional gravity field modelling
Chairs: M. Schmidt, Ch. Gerlach (Germany)
Affiliation: Commissions 2, 3

JSG 0.4: Coordinate systems in numerical weather models
Chair: Th. Hobiger (Japan)
Affiliation: all Commissions

JSG 0.5: Multi-sensor combination for the separation of integral geodetic signals
Chair: F. Seitz (Germany)
Affiliation: Commissions 2, 3 and GGOS

JSG 0.6: Applicability of current GRACE solution strate-gies to the next generation of inter-satellite range observations
Chairs: M. Weigelt (Germany), A. Jäggi (Switzerland)
Affiliation: Commission 2

JSG 0.7: Computational methods for high-resolution gravity field modelling and nonlinear diffusion filtering
Chairs: R. Čunderlík (Slovakia), K. Mikula (Slovakia)
Affiliation: Commissions 2, 3 and GGOS

JSG 0.8: Earth system interaction from space geodesy
Chair: S. Jin (China)
Affiliation: all Commissions

JSG 0.9: Future developments of ITRF models and their geophysical interpretation
Chair: A. Dermanis (Greece)
Affiliation: Commission 1 and IERS