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JSG 0.21: Geophysical modelling of time variations in deformation and gravity

Chair: Yoshiyuki Tanaka (Japan)
Affiliation:Comm. 2 and 3

Terms of Reference

In recent years, observational accuracy of ground-, satellite- and space-geodetic techniques has significantly improved which enables us to monitor temporal variations in surface deformations and gravity over various space and time scales. These variations are related to a wide range of surface and internal Earth’s processes, including the deformational response to glacial loading, solid earth and ocean tides, atmospheric and non-tidal ocean loadings, hydrological phenomena, earthquake and volcano activity, tsunamis from seismic to GIA-process frequencies. The interpretation of such high-accuracy observational data, more advanced theories are required in order to describe the individual processes and to quantify the individual signals in the geodetic data. To facilitate this, interactions between geophysical modelling and data modelling is mandatory.


  • Development of 1-D, 2-D, and 3-D elastic/anelastic Earth models for simulating the individual processes causing variations in deformation and gravity.
  • Development of phenomenological or dynamic theories to treat deformation and gravity variations which cannot be described by the above earth models (e.g., hydrology, cryosphere, poroelasticity) and consideration of such effects in the above earth models.
  • Theoretical study to reveal the mechanisms of the individual processes.
  • Comparative study of theoretical methods using the existing codes.
  • Forward and inverse modelling of deformation and gravity variations using observational data.
  • Development of observational data analysis methods to extract the individual geophysical signals.

Program of activities

  • To launch an e-mail list to share information concerning research results and to interchange ideas for solving related problems.
  • To open a web page to share publication lists and its update.
  • To hold an international workshop focusing on the above research theme.
  • To have sessions at international meetings (EGU, AGU, IAG, etc.) as needed.


Sten Claessens (Australia), chair
Zdeněk Martinec (Ireland)
Erik Ivins (USA)
Volker Klemann (Germany)
Johannes Bouman (Germany)
Jose Fernandez (Spain)
Luce Fleitout (France)
Pablo Jose Gonzales (UK)
David Al-Attar (UK)
Giorgio Spada (Italy)
Gabriele Cambiotti (Italy)
Peter Vajda (Slovak Republic)
Wouter van der Wal (Netherlands)
Riccardo Riva (Netherlands)
Taco Broerse (Netherlands)
Shin-Chan Han (Australia)
Guangyu Fu (China)
Benjamin Fong Chao (Taiwan)
Jun'ichi Okuno (Japan)
Masao Nakada (Japan)